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CDM Co-ordination

Our CDM coordinators work with our clients and their design teams to minimise risk on building projects. We fully understand the duties and burdens which CDM 2007 lays upon the client and ensure our clients understand these matters and are guided through the complexities of the legislation. Our CDM-C’s are also chartered building surveyors and we believe that this dual role is a positive benefit to both - this practical design knowledge and understanding of the design process and site construction issues ensures our CDM-C’s have a real world view of design and buildability which, combined with their thorough understanding of health and safety matters, provides a sound knowledge of how to do things better and more safely.

Our services include:

  • CDM Co-ordinator services/duties
  • Advice to clients, designers and contractors on CDM
  • Assistance to clients in managing their CDM duties
  • Competency assessments
  • Post contract health and safety monitoring